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Birt is a free and open source business intelligence and reporting tool. I just finish a quick exploitation of some features.
I am using Birt to generate some dynamic reports exposed in a web application.
I think it is not very hard to generate and integrate your report in your web application.
After configuring your web application to work with the runtime birt web application, and installing the birt plugin in your Eclipse, you will be able to make your report with some drag and drop operations. When you show your graphic result, Eclipse generate for you a specific file (your_report_name.rptdesign). Now you must copy this file in your web directory. After restarting your J2EE server, we have only to put the file name in the URL of the standard Birt servlet.
In the Birt Web site you can find a lot of good documents, tutorials and examples with some flash demonstrations.
Web site:
A flash Demo:My First Report
Web tutorial :


  1. Houssein  

    Wow, merci! je ne le connaissais pas celui la. Tres utile effectivement.

  2. aymen2006  

    thanks for this tip

  3. Hamdi  

    pour moi, avec les fonctionnalité et la facilité qu'il a, il peut même concurrencer BO (Business Object) :D

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